Useful Information

Here we discuss useful information, such as tips on the best way to get Lake District and whether you should drive or rely on public transport. We also provide a general weather guide to give you an idea of what sort of weather you can expect throughout the year.

We also detail some of the more popular wildlife in the area so you know what to look out and outline a brief history of the Lake District for those that simply want a basic overview.

Haverthwaite Train

Getting Here

Here we discuss the practicalities of getting to the Lake District via public transport versus renting a hire car. We also discuss how to navigate the rails from various major airports across the UK to get to where you want to go here in the lakes and also discuss parking options for those wishing to drive.

Castlerigg Stone Circle in Keswick


Whilst only but a brief overview of the history, this section gives you a snapshot of the historical events that occurred from the Pre-Roman Era up until the present day and discusses how the Lake District became a National Park. We also highlight some of the famous residents and historical points of interest.

Spring bluebells in Patterdale

Weather Guide

If you’re considering a trip to the Lake District and want to know what the weather is quite generally in a certain month of the year, then be sure to check out our weather guide, detailing the average highs, lows, and rainfall with some useful packing tips. It is, of course, always best to consult an actual weather guide when it comes to packing for your trip, as the great British weather can be quite unpredictable!

Herdwick Sheep

Animals, Birds, & Wildlife

In addition to the stunning fells and lakes, wildlife is another prominent attraction of the Lake District, as it is home to many different animals and birds. Some of the more commonly spotted wildlife includes: red and roe deer, otters, osprey, red kite, and, of course, the all-famous Herdwick sheep. In addition to a brief overview of each one, we also point out the best places to spot these beautiful creatures.