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A hot air balloon is the oldest form of flight technology. The original form of hot air balloon was the Chinese Lantern, first used sometime during the third century. The modern form of the hot air balloon began to take shape during the 18th century in France, and it’s thought that the first manned, non-tethered flight took place in 1783.

Since then the technology has involved immensely, and today’s balloons feature synthetic fabrics and gas cylinders. The gas cylinders are fired into the balloon creating hot air, causing the balloon the lift up into the air, carrying with it the basket and passengers. Only the altitude (height) of the balloon can be controlled. Once up in the air the wind direction controls the direction in which the balloon travels.

What a Hot Air Balloon Ride Involves

The format that your balloon ride will take will vary according to the company you use, but typically you can expect a briefing session upon your arrival to the launch site. You may be given the opportunity to assist with the balloon’s inflation. Your ride will take a couple of hours or more where you will see the Lake District laid out in front of you, appearing as though in miniature.

Spot your favourite lakes, fells, and towns to visit. At the end of the flight your pilot will bring your balloon down somewhere safe, and transport will collect you to bring you back to your launch site. You will then be given a glass of Champagne to celebrate your flight.

What to Wear and Bring

Virgin Hot Air Balloon Flights

The perfect way to enjoy the spectacular Lake District Views (

You will need to wear weather appropriate clothing, and trousers should be worn rather than skirts. Layers are good for warmth. You will also need to wear sensible shoes, particularly as you may need to walk through a muddy field at the end of your flight to be picked up.

Avoid bringing large rucksacks as space aboard the balloon will be limited. You will want to take a camera with plenty of memory for pictures. You may want to bring some light refreshments.

Where to Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride in the Lake District

There is just one company in the Lake District offering hot air balloon flights with multiple locations available. Advance booking is necessary. Virgin Balloon Flights operate across the UK and you can buy a balloon flight as a gift experience. You will receive a personalised flight certificate endorsed by Richard Branson at the end of your flight after taking in spectacular views across the Lake District.

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