Indoor Climbing

Eden Rock Centre

Eden Rock Centre,

For many people wishing to learn how to climb with ropes, an indoor climbing wall is often their starting point, which is why we have included it in our directory of outdoor activities for the Lake District. In fact, it’s one of the Lake District’s most popular activities for visitors with one of the main attractions being that enables you to experience a thrilling adventure without having to worry about what the weather will unfurl.

Indoor climbing walls are constructed from a variety of materials, and feature a variety of different shaped protrusions that you can hold or stand on, mimicking the texture of a rock face. Some feature overhangs, others go straight up or have an incline. The protrusions, often called “climbing holes” are often colour coded with different colours indicating the level of difficulty of that particular route.

What Indoor Climbing Involves

If you are a complete novice you will require some tuition before you start using the wall. The tuition will cover basic safety, such as how to use your rope, harness, and belay device (the clip that connects your rope to your harness). You will need to check in advance if this requires pre-booking or if you can simply turn up. There may also be an additional charge for this tuition.

Once you have received your tuition you are able to start your ascent up the walls. Depending on the centre you visit, you may be able to test your skills on walls of varying difficulties, or even try bouldering on low level walls without ropes.

What to Wear and Bring

Kendal Wall

Kendal Wall, 

Most centres will provide all safety equipment, but it’s worth checking in advance of your visit what is provided and what you will need to bring. You should wear good sturdy footwear with ankle support, and loose, comfortable clothing. Jeans are not suitable for climbing, as they can be restrictive.

Some centres have cafés on site, and therefore may have rules about not bringing your own refreshments, so again, do check in advance of your visit and bring your own refreshments if appropriate.

Where to Go Indoor Climbing in the Lake District

There are several indoor climbing walls located around the Lake District with each one offering its own unique challenges.

Eden Rock Carlisle

Eden Rock

Eden Rock Carlisle is one of the largest indoor climbing centres with three large rooms and over 600 m2 of climbing space. In the main room there are over 240 different challenges to attempt, and there is also a beginner room and a training room, making this the ideal destination for the climbing novice.


Lakeland Climbing Centre (Kendal Wall)

Kendal Wall

The Lakeland Climbing Centre features the UK’s tallest indoor climbing wall and Europe’s first indoor Via Ferrata. In addition, there are plenty of facilities for children, beginners, and experts to enjoy.


Keswick Climbing Wall

Located close to the ancient Castlerigg Stone Circle, the Keswick Climbing Wall is housed in a large building with views of the fells. The walls reach up to 8-metres high and offer various challenges suitable for beginner through to expert climbers.


Kong Adventure

Kong Adventure can be found in the heart of Keswick town centre, and features a roped climbing wall with various levels of difficulty, an indoor ice wall, a mock caving system, a bouldering area, and a children’s hard play area suitable for ages 3 and up, as well as a café and an outdoor activity gear shop.


Ambleside Wall

Ambleside Wall features a large replica crag with numerous challenges, and a bouldering room where you can try climbing without ropes. In addition, the centre offers guided walks, tuition, and there is a café with fell views.