Paragliding & Skydiving

Paragliding in the Lake District

Paragliding in the Lake District

Soaring high above the Lake District with only the wind beneath your feet, you will discover a whole new perspective. Both Paragliding and Skydiving offer thrill-seekers the chance to escape high above the ground away from traffic, people, and all the other background noises experienced during daily living. Whilst both sports involve being carried through the air using a piece of fabric, there are a number of key differences.

In skydiving, you will start your adventure on a small plane, take a deep breath, and jump into a free fall before releasing your parachute that will bring you gently down to the ground. Paragliding starts on the ground, though usually on a high point, such as a fell, and you sit on a harness attached to a wing that uses the wind to lift you up into the sky. Paragliding usually lasts longer than skydiving, and is a slightly less intense experience.

What Sky Diving & Paragliding Involves

If you want to do a skydive you have two options. You can either book onto a solo skydive, which will require several hours of training before you are eligible to jump, or you can book onto a tandem skydive, where you will be attached via a harness to an experienced skydiver who will take full control of the parachute during the flight, allowing you to simply enjoy the ride.

Similarly, in paragliding, you can either book into a course where you will learn the ropes in order to be able to fly solo, or you can book onto a tandem flight where an experienced paraglider takes control. You may also be given the opportunity to take control of the paraglider on a tandem flight, depending on your activity company and the conditions at the time.


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What to Wear and Bring

For skydiving, you will need to wear comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear, such as trainers. Be sure to wear warm clothing in the winter. You should be provided with a jumpsuit and all safety equipment by your activity provider. All jewellery, etc. should be left at home, and long hair should be tied back. British Parachuting Association rules state that you cannot use any cameras, such as a GoPro until you have completed 200 jumps, although you may be able to have a film of your jump provided for an extra fee. You may want to bring your own refreshments to have once you have completed your jump.

You should wear similar clothing and footwear for paragliding, and bring some waterproofs if the weather is wet. You should also bring refreshments.

Where to Go Skydiving in the Lake District

There is one company offering skydives in the Lake District and three companies offering paragliding.

Skydive Northwest

Based in the southern Lake District, Skydive Northwest have been offering skydives for over 40 years. Solo courses and tandem jumps are available.


Where to Go Paragliding in the Lake District

Air Ventures Paragliding School

Tandem flights, taster days, and numerous paragliding courses are all available from Air Ventures, who are located close to Keswick.

  • Address: Registered Office, 6 The Orchard, Bassenthwaite, Keswick, CA12 4QS
  • Tel: 07830281986
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