Raft Building

Raft Building

Raft Building

Whether your design resembles HMS Victory, or is a bit closer to something cobbled together by Robinson Crusoe, building a raft is a fun and challenging way of spending a few hours in the Lake District. This is a team activity, and most activity companies will insist on a minimum number of participants before you can book it. It is therefore ideal if you are travelling here with a large family or a group of friends. Working together you will design and build a raft before testing its buoyancy out on one of the lakes.

What Raft Building Involves

A typical raft building session will start with a briefing, where a challenge might be set. For example, you might have to have a race against other participants in your team on a raft you have built, or reach a set destination, or the raft must be capable of carrying a certain number of people. You will then be given your materials. These usually involve a mixture of barrels, planks or poles of wood, rope, and canvass. You will then need to build a raft that can meet the requirements of the challenge.

What to Wear and Bring

You will almost certainly get wet on this challenge, so wear old clothes, including old shoes, such as trainers, that can go in the water. Your activity company may supply wetsuits and buoyancy aids, but do check this in advance. Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes and shoes for the journey home.

Where to Do Raft Building in the Lake District

There are numerous companies in the Lake District offering raft building with challenges taking place on several of the lakes in the national park.

River Deep Mountain High

Raft building takes place on Coniston Water. Your rafts are put to the test with various challenges that include races and tug of war games.


Keswick Adventure Centre

Given just a list of equipment and instruction on some simple knots, participants must come up with a design suitable to paddle on Derwent Water. A minimum of four people is needed for booking.


The Outdoor Adventure Company

The Outdoor Adventure Company has its own 300-acre site close to Kendal, and therefore raft building takes place on the site’s reservoir. A minimum of ten people is needed for booking.


Joint Adventures

Joint Adventures do most of their activities around Coniston Water. Raft building sessions can be combined with other water based activities to make a full day of adventure.