Conquer Scafell Pike, visit the Pencil Museum, or relax on the shore of Ullswater, all from the comfort of your own home with the arrival of a Lake District themed Monopoly game. Lockdown has been hard on all of you Lakes lovers out there, but perhaps this revival of the much-loved family board game will bring some solace. The Lakes Monopoly Game sees the removal of the traditional London landmarks in favour of iconic spots in the Lake District, including Beatrix Potter’s Hill Top, Ravenglass Station, and Windermere.

Many of the landmarks and points of interest were chosen by the public who were invited last year to write to the game’s manufacturers with their suggestions for places to occupy the famous coloured squares. In addition, the public chose four charities to be represented on the board. They are the Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association, the Brathay Trust, the Cumbria Community Foundation and the Lake District Foundation.

In a statement issued to the media, Sarah Swindley of the Lake District Foundation said, “It’s so exciting to be involved in bringing this iconic game to our most loved National Park. At the Lake District Foundation, we aim to inspire people to look after the landscape, wildlife, and heritage of the area. This is a great new way to do this!”

What Lake District Places Feature on the New Board?

Monopoly: Lakes Edition

Monopoly: Lakes Edition

Gone are the likes of Old Kent Road, Marylebone Station, and Mayfair. The Lakes Monopoly has replaced all of the classic squares with Lake District places. As you work your way around the board you have the opportunity to purchase some of the Lake District’s most loved spots, as well as popular Lake District businesses.

As usual, the board starts at the cheaper areas, though we think Castlerigg Stone Circle, the replacement for Old Kent Road, is well and truly priceless. This beautiful stone circle sits above Keswick in an amphitheatre of fells, evoking a mystical atmosphere. The second brown square is occupied by Aira Force, another priceless beauty. This breath-taking waterfall can be found close to Ullswater.

As you work your way around the board, you will visit a number of well-known places, including those linked with famous Lake District figures. Beatrix Potter, who devoted much of her life to preserving the Cumbrian landscape, is remembered via her former residence, Hill Top, which occupies one of the light blue squares. Today, it’s a National Trust owned property that has been preserved just as Potter left it when she passed away. Romantic poet, William Wordsworth, is also remembered on the light blue squares, with his former home, Rydal Mount, also taking a spot. Wordsworth inspired a generation to see the Lake District as a place of outstanding natural beauty, rather than a rugged wild space that was to be avoided.

Of course, the Lake District is best known for its lakes and mountains, and with so many to choose from it’s not surprising that most did not make the final cut. Those that did include Ullswater and Helvellyn in the dark green squares, whilst the most expensive squares have been given to Windermere and Scafell Pike, the largest lake and the highest mountain in England.

However, it’s not all about the lakes and mountains. Cumbria has a fascinating history and dotted around the county you will find a wonderful array of historical buildings, some of which are featured on the game’s board. Both Wray Castle and Sizergh Castle can be found on the yellow squares, whilst the intriguing Stott Park Bobbin Mill occupies one of the orange squares. The mill lies on the shore of Windermere and is a reminder of Cumbria’s role during the industrial revolution, for it was here that millions of bobbins were produced to supply the Lancashire weaving industries. The mill has been restored and is still able to produce bobbins today.

Many businesses also make an appearance on the board, reflecting Cumbria’s rich food and drink heritage. You can buy the Lakes Distillery, the Hawkshead Relish company, and George Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake on the red squares. Of course, Cumbria doesn’t have the same rail network that can be found in London, so the traditional four railway stations have been replaced by the likes of the Windermere Ferry and Whitehaven Harbour, amongst others.

What Other Changes Are There?

Monopoly: Lakes Edition Pieces

Monopoly: Lakes Edition Pieces

It isn’t just the property squares that have had the Lake District makeover. The “Pay Income Tax” square has been replaced with “Buy Hiking Boots”, and we all know how expensive that can be! Furthermore, the game pieces have changed, so you can no longer choose to play as the Scottie Dog or the iron. Instead, there’s a campervan, an umbrella (essential in the Cumbrian weather), an ice cream (we do have some of the best after all), and a steamer boat, plus a few other options. The Community Chest and Chance cards have also been changed, so you many encounter a flock of Herdwick sheep forcing you to turn back a few spaces, or find yourself paying for dry stone wall repairs.

The game was released earlier this month and the indications are that it’s already a big hit, no doubt purchased by hundreds of people needing their Lake District fix during the Coronavirus lockdown. You might not be able to visit the fells just yet, but you can certainly bring the Lake District home with this fabulous new edition of a much loved favourite. The Lakes Monopoly is available to purchase online for around £30 from local Cumbrian retailers, as well as Amazon. Local retailers include: Herdy, Kendal Mintcake, Hawkshead Relish and Atkinsons Toy Shop Windermere.