November is a month of two halves here in the Lake District. The start of the month is filled with crackles and bangs as fireworks displays take place around the county, marking Guy Fawkes night. There follows a temporary lull, with a smattering of theatre and craft events, plus the annual Kendal Mountain Festival.

With swirling mists, towering fells, and nights that turn pitch black, the Lake District is the place to be this October for some spine-tingling Halloween inspired fun.

During the autumn and winter months it’s rare to get a bright, sunny day here in Cumbria, so when I discovered that the forecast for my childfree day was one of crisp, endless sunshine, I could barely contain my excitement. As I set off from Keswick, I felt I had hit the weather jackpot: not too hot, not too cold, no wind, and no rain.

On Monday, 6th October, 2019 at a special awards ceremony in London, there was fantastic news for the Lake District when it was announced that three restaurants in the region have achieved Michelin star status. That puts the total number of restaurants in the national park with a Michelin star at seven, with HRiSHi at the Gilpin Hotel, Rogan & Co in Cartmel, and Forest Side in Grasmere all retaining their single star status, and L’Enclume in Cartmel maintaining its prestigious status as a two Michelin starred restaurant.

This month in the Lake District we welcome the change of seasons with a number of events that take advantage of the darker evenings. Apart from the half term week at the end of the month, October is one of the quietest months in the year, making it the perfect time to take advantage of early morning autumnal mists that can often be found coating the bottom of the Lake District valleys, creating beautiful vistas.

As summer draws to an end many of us are faced with the somewhat irritating prospect of having to spend long hours at work, inside offices with no chance of fitting in an ascent of a Wainwright before breakfast.

September marks the end of summer and the beginning of the autumn season here in the Lake District. It’s the time of year when we bid farewell to long drawn out evenings and witness the landscape gradually adopt new shades of yellow, orange, and gold.

Missed out on a summer holiday break to the Lake District? Dreaming of long walks across fells, around tarns, and through woodlands whilst the weather is still pleasant? It’s not too late, since although we are heading into the Autumn, September still offers plenty of warmer days, with an average temperate of around 15 degrees Celsius. That’s not too hot, and not too cold; it’s perfect walking weather. 

Visiting the Lake District with children this summer? Budget feeling a little under pressure? Looking for some fun, but low cost activities to keep everyone entertained? There are a wealth of activities available that won’t cost the earth that everyone can get involved in.

It’s summer in the Lake District and the hay bales are stacking up in the meadows, the woodlands are rich with undergrowth, and the lakes are teeming with life. August is the peak holiday season here in the Lakes, so if you haven’t booked your accommodation yet then you need to do so as soon as possible. The school summer holidays are in full swing, so this month, you can expect an action packed calendar of events, from traditional country fairs to workshops in the latest coding technologies.