After what felt like an eternal January and February, we are well and truly ready for the arrival of Spring this month. Already the signs can be spotted in the fells and woodlands, with the cheerful yellow daffodils spreading across the land.

Forget the treadmill in your air-conditioned gym. Nothing beats getting out into the countryside and giving those glutes a good workout. The Lake District’s extraordinary network of bridleways, paths, and mountain passes makes it one of the best places in the world (in our humble opinion) to go for a run, helped of course by the large number of cafés that will provide you with some much needed cake at the end.

The Lake District in February is still very much in the grasp of winter, but there are subtle signs of an emerging spring, with daffodil bulbs pushing up through the ground and nesting birds setting up home amongst the trees. After a relatively quiet January, February brings a resurgence of events and activities, especially towards the latter part of the month when many schools break up for a half term holiday.

Come for the fells, stay for the festivals, theatrical performances, and arts events. The new decade kicks off with a packed programme of exciting events in the Lake District National Park and we’ve picked out the highlights. These are some of the most exciting events taking place around Cumbria this year, so if you are thinking about booking a Lake District holiday, take a peek to see if there is anything fabulous taking place during your visit!

January is typically the time in the Lake District when things become a little more sedate and sleepy. The tourists have vanished, the last vestiges of Christmas have been stripped away, and even the most ardent fell walkers have retreated into the pubs. But this January, something is stirring deep in the heart of the Lake District, in Grasmere, where there is talk of a resistance and a rebellion fuelled by tea and gingerbread.

Happy New Year! This January not only marks the start of a new year, but also the start of a new decade. What will the 20s bring us? Well, certainly for this month, it’s a little quieter here in the Lake District, as it’s traditionally the time of year when we see the least amount of visitors.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is approaching fast and here in the Lake District we’re getting in the festive spirit with an abundance of Christmas markets, craft workshops, shows, and other festive themed events. Santa can be seen throughout the month at various locations across the national park, thanks to his ability to travel at great speeds. All we need now is a sprinkling of snow on the fells to complete the magical atmosphere this month.

November is a month of two halves here in the Lake District. The start of the month is filled with crackles and bangs as fireworks displays take place around the county, marking Guy Fawkes night. There follows a temporary lull, with a smattering of theatre and craft events, plus the annual Kendal Mountain Festival.

With swirling mists, towering fells, and nights that turn pitch black, the Lake District is the place to be this October for some spine-tingling Halloween inspired fun.

During the autumn and winter months it’s rare to get a bright, sunny day here in Cumbria, so when I discovered that the forecast for my childfree day was one of crisp, endless sunshine, I could barely contain my excitement. As I set off from Keswick, I felt I had hit the weather jackpot: not too hot, not too cold, no wind, and no rain.