As summer draws to an end many of us are faced with the somewhat irritating prospect of having to spend long hours at work, inside offices with no chance of fitting in an ascent of a Wainwright before breakfast.

It’s a sad state of affairs, and if you love the Lake District as much as we do, then you’re probably starting to feel a little twitchy. Okay, you might have only just returned from your Lake District holiday, but maybe it’s time to book another.

1. Layers

Duddon Valley, Cumbria

Duddon Valley, Cumbria

As you walk down the high street to get your lunch, you add and remove layers five times just to remind yourself what it feels like to be walking in the Cumbrian weather.

2. Rain

Skelwith Force Waterfall

Skelwith Force waterfall

Whilst everyone else in your office bemoans the arrival of rain, for you, it invokes a sense of thrill and excitement, because you know that rainfall makes waterfalls more spectacular and ghyll scrambling more of a challenge.

3. Team Away Day

Man running in mountains

Your boss suggests a team away day and you can’t understand why the rest of your team wants to go to the local escape room instead of going with your suggestion of attempting to wade up the local river before running up the biggest hill in the area.

4. Snacks

Grasmere Gingerbread

Grasmere Gingerbread (Alex Liivet /

Whilst everyone else in the office talks about the diet plans they need to go on after the indulgence of the holidays, you are secretly hoarding a large stash of Kendal Mint Cake and Grasmere Gingerbread in your desk drawer.

5. Emergency Preparation

Orange tent in misty forest

You know it’s going to be a long time until you’re back on the fells, but you’re desperate to try out the emergency storm shelter you impulsively purchased last week. So, you drag your family out to the park in the middle of a rainstorm so that you can all cram inside it and try and have a picnic.

6. Christmas Presents

Rustic Hiking Boots with interesting socks

You have already done your Christmas shopping, and everyone you know is getting socks that your ordered online from George Fisher in Keswick. Now you’re wondering how many pairs you could keep for yourself and substitute for another gift.

7. Map Browsing


Ordnance Survey (chrisd2105 /

Your friends, family, and colleagues use their phones to browse social media and news sites, but the only thing you use your phone for is to search the online OS maps to plan out your next walk. You have already flagged another ten points of interest to look at next time you’re in Cumbria.

8. Shoes

Hiking boots

Your work shoes are on their last legs but you can’t afford to replace them just yet because you have just purchased your sixth pair of hiking boots in anticipation of your next visit to Cumbria. You try to justify it by telling yourself that it’s good to have a few back up pairs in case you can’t dry them out enough each day.

9. Reading

Lake Buttermere


Your bookshelf is filled with Lake District photography books, books about fell walking, and books on the history of Cumbria. You consider yourself an expert on sheep farming thanks to the works of James Rebanks and you’ve impressed your pub quiz team mates with your fantastic knowledge of the Romantic poets.

10. Office Photos

Herdwick Sheep 2019

Everyone in your office has photos of their family on their desks, but you have a photo of a Herdwick sheep to remind you of the local residents in the Lake District.