Fit4Life Cumbria

Main Road, Maryport, CA15 8DD

With the ethos that “fitness should be for everyone” Fit4Life is a social enterprise that provides low cost fitness facilities in the coastal town of Maryport. Starting in 2004 as a charitable project that aimed to improve the fitness of individuals with heart disease, the project grew into an independent not-for-profit fitness facility that specialises in helping people with chronic conditions and the over-50s. However, anyone is welcome to use the facilities, regardless of age or ability, either as a member or on a pay-as-you-go basis.

As part of its aim to improve the fitness levels of those with chronic conditions, the gym takes referrals from health professionals. The gym is open Monday to Friday, and sessions before 3pm are dedicated for those who have been referred to the centre. Between 3pm and 5pm, the centre is open to children. Sessions open to members of the public are available between 5pm and 7pm.

Planning Your Visit

Contact Details:
01900 814 782 / Website
Membership Cost:
From £17 / Month (Annual fee of £15 applies)
One Off Cost:


Fit4Life Cumbria Gym

The gym has 15 cardiovascular stations, including treadmills, cross trainers, rowing machines and exercise bikes. At the other end of the large, open space, there is a strength training area with a selection of equipment, including an incline/decline bench, a leg press, and a smith machine, as well as free weights and kettlebells.

The centre also has a Vibrogym. This is a machine with a vibrating platform that causes your muscles to stretch and twist as you exercise, giving you a full body workout in a short space of time.

Fitness Classes

Most of the fitness classes are closed sessions that are for individuals who have been referred to the centre with a chronic condition. However, there are two classes per week open to all female members of the public: one cardio class and one toning class.

Between 3pm and 5pm each day the centre holds “Fit4Kids” sessions aimed at children. These are sessions on the gym equipment under the careful supervision of the instructors.

Personal Training

The instructors at Fit4Life can provide you with a personalised exercise programme to help you reach your target.


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