Vibralife Carlisle

1 Kingmoor Road, Carlisle, CA3 9QJ

Promising an escape from lengthy workouts and repetitive exercises, Vibralife in Carlisle brands itself as an alternative gym. The gym offers a series of courses with 25-minute long sessions that it claims will help you lose weight, get fit, rehabilitate, reduce stress, and boost your confidence. It might sound too good to be true, but the gym’s popularity and success suggests otherwise.

The gym is located on the western outskirts of Carlisle with plenty of free parking available. Membership options are available from £12 per week or you can book onto one of the courses starting at £7 per session. You can also sign up for a free trial where you can experience one of the classes, try out the equipment and receive a free spa capsule massage.

Planning Your Visit

Contact Details:
01228 580 444 / Website
Membership Cost:
From £12 / Week
One Off Cost:
From £7 (Free Trial Available)


Vibralife Carlisle Gym Space

This is not your traditional gym. You won’t find racks of barbells here or rows of treadmills. Instead, the gym has a number of Vibrogym stations, and these are used in many of the weight loss and fitness courses offered by the gym. Vibrogyms are platforms with vibrating plates that cause your muscles to stretch as you exercise. This means that you can exercise all of your muscles in a short space of time.

Along with the vibration plates, you will also find Simple Slim Pods, also known as Spa Capsules. These are similar in appearance to sun bed capsules, but whilst you are inside your body is vibrated, giving a massage like effect. Manufacturers claim that these capsules increase metabolism and help to tone your body.

There is some traditional style gym equipment here, with exercise bikes and a small selection of free weights, as well as boxing pads, fitness balls, and other accessories.

Fitness Classes

Many of the fitness classes form part of a multi-week course. Choose from a fitness booster course or a weight loss course. Both courses combine fitness classes using the Vibrogyms, exercise bikes, and other gym equipment with consultations and personal plans. However, you can try one of the classes on a standalone basis as part of your free trial. In addition, Mokyfit (a form of dance aerobics) classes are held at the gym and are open for non-members for just £5 per class.


The gym is also home to a beauty salon, with treatment rooms where you can enjoy a range of treatments, such as massage, reflexology, facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing and tanning.


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